1. Applications for Transfer Certificate shall be in writing and signed by the parent or guardian.
  2. Application received after the re-opening day may be subjected to some delay. Ordinarily three days time is necessary for the issue of Transfer Certificate after the application is made.
  3. Transfer Certificates can be issued only on payment of all arrears of special fees, etc., due to the school.
  4. A pupil attending school within the first five working days or up to any period in the middle of a term can get his transfer certificate only on the payment of the full special fees.
  5. When an application for a transfer certificate is made after the lapse of more than one year from the date on which the pupil left the school an extra fee is charged in addition to arrears of fees during the year last attended.
  6. Duplicate Transfer certificate cannot be issued as a matter of course. They will be issued when it is proved that the original has been lost beyond recovery and testified to the effect by a Gazetted Officer. An extra fee of Rupees five will be charged for a duplicate certificate. Duplicate Transfer Certificate may be I refused if the Headmaster is not satisfied with the reasons for the loss of the original.
  7. It is advisable for the pupils or parents to keep with them certified true copies if they have to part with the original Transfer Certificates.
  8. Conduct Certificates will be issued to students only at the time of their leaving the school and after the issue of the Transfer Certificate only once.
  9. The date of Birth Certificate will be issued on the same condition.