The School was originally founded in 1890 by a few of the large hearted and far sighted residents of the locality and was at that time known as Siruvallur Anglo Vernacular School. They handed over the administration of the school in 1914 to the late Diwan Bahadur Calavala Ramanujam Chetty Garu who was at that time known for his liberal benefactions throughout South India. The late Diwan Bahadur and his brother, the late Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty Garu were at that time manaing several High Schools, Sanskrit Patasaals and a night School. After the death of Diwan Bahadur Calavala Ramanujam Chetty, the school underwent a period of uncertainty and was threatened with complete closure in the year 1919, when the management was taken over by the late Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty Garu. He was bringing up this school with special care and affection as it was catering to the needs of the educationally backward strata of the society. He provided sufficient funds towards the maintenance of this institution.

The late testator took on himself the Correspondent ship of the school in 1919 but within a year he was called to his heavenly home leaving many of the schemes forconsolidating the schools, unrealised. He was succeeded by Rao Bagadur V. Parthasarathy Chetty who also died in 1921 after a brief period of Correspondentship. Sri Sami Venkatachalam Chetty was the Correspondent of the school from 1921 to 1951 and during these thirty years, the school had grown in stature, usefulness and popularity as one of the premier institutions of the city. During the period of the Correspondentship of Sri Subbukrishna Chetty from 1951 to 1954, the school showed all round improvement in curricular activities..........The erst while Correspondent Sri. C. Ethiraj B.Com., immediately after assuming the Correspondentship in 1954, set himself to the task of providing the school with magnificent building worthy of the large hearted magnificence of the late founder. Thanks to his indefatigable efforts, the problems of accomodations was greatly solved by the construction of a 12 room, block in 1955 and under his able and enthusiastic guidance this school has grown in all directions to take its place as one of the premier institutions in the city. Due to the introduction of free education in this state there was heavy rush for admission in secondary schools. The management of this school rising to the occasion put up three additional classrooms. The school has been a great boon to the lower middle and working classes who form the majority of the residents of Perambur. Tamil, Telugu and English are the media of instruction.

The present strength of school is nearly 2000. There are separate sections for Telugu, Tamil and English media.

"Character, Culture and Citizenship" is the school motto. The curricular and extra curricular activities aim at the realisation of the ideals contained in the school motto.

The vast play ground is a standing memorial to the service of our former Honorary Correspondent Sri. C. Ethiraj B.Com., for the school.

Under the auspices of Sath Sangam, Sri Vendateswara Subrabatham recitation was inaugurated on 7th January 1962 for the benefit of the parents and pupils o this institution. The activity of the Sath Sangam is conducted on the first Sunday of every month. Theertham and Prasadam received directly from Thirumala are distributed. Thus it has become a regular activity of the school.With humble pride and satisfaction the school stepped on to the 50th year in 1969, the occasion fittingly coinciding with the birth centenary year of the noble minded founder. To commemorate the occasion, the benign management opened Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty's Hindu College at Pattabiram named after the founder and the Seetha Kingston House School, a nursery school on public school lines with Indian cultural orientation, named after the beloved wife of the founder.Thiru. C. Venkatachalam, B.Com., D.B.M. took over the Honorary, Correspondent ship of the school on 1-4-75 from Thiru C. Ethiraj B.Com., Vice President & Educational Adviser, who relinquished office after 21 years of dedicated service.

The school was upgraded into a Higher Secondary School with effect from June 1979. This indeed is a landmark in the history of this institution.

The introduction of the Higher Secondary Course necessitated the renovation of the laboratory on modern lines. Thanks to the efforts of the then Honorary Correspondent Sri. C. Venkatachalam B.Com., D.B.M., the laboratory was suitably altered and reconstructed in the year 1979.

Further in the year 1984-85 the Management constructed a new block of class rooms, laboratories and a stage for the benefit of pupils of the school at a huge cost of Rs. 6.1 lakhs of which the Government Contribution was Rs. 96,000 0nly. The newly constructed "Cunnan Chetty Block" has provision for many class rooms. The Dharmamurthi Arangam is a multi purpose hall wherein the daily prayer assembly is held.

The Cunnan Chetty Block and the Dharmamurthi Arangam were both declared open on 14th March 1985. A large bronze bust of the Founder testator Sriman Calavala Cunnan Chetty Garu which adorns the Darmamurthi Arangam was unveiled on the same day by Thiru Mukkala Nammalar Chetty Garu, President of the Board of Trustees.

In the year 1991- 92 Ten class rooms were renovated at an expenditure of Rs. 1,55,435/- from management funds.

Bhoomi Pooja of the Centenary Building was performed on 10-2-1994. The Centenary of the school was celebrated on 15-2-1996 and 16-2-1996.

"Sri Mukkala Nammalwar Chetty Auditorium", built at a cost of Rs. 6 Lakhs was declared open on 15-2-1996. The Centanary Building which houses the Headmaster's room, Office room, Staff Room, Physics, Biology and Computer Laboratories, a spacious library and 11 Class rooms fully equipped with necessary furniture, built at a cost of Rs. 52.5 Lakhs was declared open on 16-02-1996. The above expenditure has been fully met by the benign management.

Profound thanks are due to the them Honorary Correspondent Thiru. C. Venkatachalam B.Com., D.B.M., and the Board of trustee of Management for their untiring efforts for the upliftment of the school. Thiru V. Sethuram Board of Trustee took over the Honorary Correspondent ship of the school on 1-4-2001 from Thiru C. Venkatachalam B.Com., D.B.M.,. Thiru V. Sethuram relinquished office after 5 years of dedicated service to the School. Thiru Vummidi Sree Hari, B.sc., took over the Honorary Correspondentship of this school from 1-4-2006 from Thiru V. Sethuram, member of Trust Board. Thiru. M.V. Cunniah Chetty, Bsc., B.Com., took over the Honorary Correspondentship from Thiru Vummidi Sreehari from 1.4.2009.