Examination, Promotions and Progress Reports

  1. Ordinarily there will be an examination after every 60 working days and they will be called the Quarterly, the Half yearly and the Annual besides three mid-term tests.
  2. Progress Report shall be sent to the parent or guardian.
  3. The Progress Report must be returned to the school after scrutiny by the parent or guardian duly signed by them as a token of the scrutiny.
  4. If a pupil loses his Progress Report, he will be supplied with a duplicate on payment of Rs.Ten.
  5. When a parent / guardian is requested to see the class teacher or the Headmaster, he shall do so in the interest of the pupil.
  6. In all cases of absence from the terminal examinations, leave should be previously obtained from the Headmaster and such leave will not ordinarily be granted except in extraordinary circumstances and for valid reasons.
  7. Pupils will strictly observe silence during the examinations and shall not bring any books, papers etc., to the Hall.
  8. Students who are expelled from the Examination Hall for copying or other dishonest practices cannot expect their papers to be valued. The Headmaster may also refuse admission to such students in the following year.
  9. In the matter of promotion, the decision to the Staff Council headed by the Headmaster shall be final and binding.