Games & Athletics

House System

Students are divided into four groups (Houses) Blue, Green,, Red, Yellow and they are encouraged to take part in all the games, sports and field events. Healthy competitions are promoted.

National Cadet Corps

The NCC Unit functions with 100 cadets (46 students in second year and 54 students in first year) under First Officer Mr. A. Arokiadoss. Twenty five parades are conducted in a year.

Road Safety Patrol :

The Road Safety Patrol is conducted by Tamil Nadu Traffic Wardens' Organisation, under the control of Joint Commisioner of Police - Traffic, Chennai - 7. The motto of RSP is "WE LIVE TO SERVE." RSP Cadets are the medium through which the Road Safety Education is disseminated to the society. The school children who are being the cadets of its should learn the safety rules and methods and they practice them for their own safety and also teach them to their colleagues. A trained RSP Cadet will assist the traffic police in regulating the traffic around the school. Our school RSP have 42 cadets under the guidance of the Assistant Traffic Warden Mr. Sp. Palanivelu.


Scout movement wass started in India in the year1917, by Annie Besant. Usually students in the age group of 12 to 17 are elegible to join Scouts. This movement helps the students in building up the qualities like serving the nation, helping others and duty conciseness. Members of Scout will be self disciplined.

The Scout Masters Mr. S.Kirubakaran, Mr. E. Ramesh and Mr. K. Varadarajapandian are trying their best to bring out good citizens from the scout boys by giving intensive training in the Scout activities.

National Green Corps

The NGC unit of the school is ably guided by Mr G Karthikeyan. Members are trained in eco preservation and afforestation programmes.