1. Applications for admissions shall be made in the prescribed form available in the school office, duly signed by the parent or authorised guardian of pupils.
  2. No pupil who has previously studied in a recognised secondary school shall be admitted unless he presents a transfer certificate from the school previously studied.
  3. No pupil will be admitted or enrolled pending the production of the Transfer Certificate.
  4. If a pupil is found to have obtained admission by false certificate or a false representation of any kind, he shall be summarily dismissed and shall forfeit all the fees he may have paid.
  5. It is required that parents or guardian accompany the boys at the time of admission so as to ensure correct entries in the school records.
  6. Care should be taken to furnish the correct date of birth, caste of the pupil, spelling of the pupil's name, correct initials at the time of admission. Parents should also be ready with proof of the correct initials and date of birth at the time of admission. Applications for alteration of these detail will not be admitted later on.